For $95, Dr. Grove will provide a professional critique of your appeal letter that includes:

  • Honest feedback on the letter’s content and tone
  • A holistic evaluation of whether or not the letter makes a compelling appeal
  • Identification of glaring and embarrassing grammatical and typographical errors
  • Suggestions for strengthening the letter
  • 72-hour turn-around time (usually faster)

If ordering help with your appeal letter, please keep the following in mind:

  • I will give you meaningful suggestions for improving your letter, but I will not rewrite your letter for you. Your letter needs to be your own voice and language or else you will be jeopardizing your appeal. It is always obvious when a student hasn’t written his or her own letter, and such situations always work against the student.
  • I will identify serious issues with grammar and clarity, but I will not do meticulous line editing. Here again, if your letter sounds like it was written by a professional writer, you will be jeopardizing your appeal.
  • I cannot guarantee your appeal will be successful. Even good appeal letters are not always successful, and some colleges are relatively inflexible when it comes to readmitting dismissed students. That said, a stronger letter obviously improves your chances of appealing successfully.

Have you been dismissed or suspended from college for poor grades?

If so, realize that you’re not alone. Academic dismissals are the result of all kinds of circumstances: a personal crisis, a family tragedy, psychological challenges, poor time management, failure to take advantage of support services, substance abuse, over-involvement in extracurricular activities, serious roommate problems, poor course or major selection, and so on. Failing your classes doesn’t mean that you are a failure, and a bad semester doesn’t need to be the end of your college and career dreams.

Most colleges and universities allow students to appeal a dismissal or suspension. Grades rarely tell the whole story, and most colleges give you the opportunity to explain the circumstances that led to your poor academic performance. If you’re planning a written appeal of your dismissal, Dr. Allen Grove can help.

Dr. Allen Grove has 25 years of experience helping college students with their writing, and as a member of a university’s Scholastic Standards Committee, he has a decade of experience evaluating written, phone, and in-person appeals from students who have been dismissed from college because of poor academic performance. He knows what elements of an appeal are effective and which ones fall flat. He can help you avoid common mistakes in your appeal letter, and he can help you identify what points are most likely to receive a positive response from the committee evaluating your appeal.

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